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Wind power

The wind power industry is facing enormous pressure to improve the design, performance, and reliability of wind turbines while reducing maintenance costs and saving costs per megawatt hour. Wind turbine operators must ensure that their equipment remains operational for as long as possible. Due to frequent operation in harsh conditions, such as at sea, in cold or remote areas, the performance and reliability of wind turbines are challenged, At the same time, it also faces issues such as high maintenance costs and long delivery times for replacement parts, which can have an impact on the competitive advantage of power generation. Therefore, it is crucial to adopt reliable components and intelligent processes.


Special bearings for wind turbines require high reliability. This is because the design premise of this type of bearing is to ensure 20 years of operation of the windmill, and in the event of a malfunction, the components are not easily replaceable. Therefore, bearing manufacturers require a high degree of computer analysis technology, as well as exquisite skills in materials and heat treatment. Sometimes, they also need to master the testing and evaluation technology of large bearing objects. The main shaft configuration of wind turbines is a part of gear transmission, semi direct drive, or direct drive design. Regardless of the configuration used, it must be able to withstand axial and radial loads and operate under constantly changing harsh conditions, We offer suitable products for various types of configurations and turbine designs.

Any measure that can reduce maintenance can improve the return on investment while reducing the average cost of energy. We have worked with leading original equipment manufacturers for many years to optimize the performance of wind turbines, improve equipment reliability, and generate electricity. We design and develop bearings, seals, condition monitoring systems, and lubrication systems, which help achieve more cost-effective wind power generation and reduce lubricant consumption.

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