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With modern advanced production equipment and a series of high-precision bearing testing equipment, the company focuses on the development and research of new products. The integration of mature technology and rapid response mechanism further accelerates the development of the company.

Quality standard

High precision testing instruments ensure good product performance and accelerate the pace of development.

Superior system

Our products have enhanced performance and can meet stringent environmental requirements.

Customer Support

Provide excellent technical support and provide customers with specific bearing designs.

Strong strength

Strong company strength

Advanced equipment and manufacturing processes

Integrating bearing forging, turning, heat treatment, grinding assembly, and sealing components, we have advanced production equipment and manufacturing processes, a high-quality talent team, and a high-tech and precision development, ensuring the high quality of our products.

Technical support

Strong technical strength

Strive for high-precision products

Strict process flow, excellent testing equipment, and more than ten production and testing processes ensure the precision development of the product, greatly improving the lubrication of the bearings, making the product more wear-resistant and load-bearing performance, and increasing its lifespan.

Quality control

Strict quality control

Strict screening of raw materials

All product source materials are strictly screened to ensure the source of quality, and product performance is in line with the international market. The quality and service of the products have been supported by many well-known enterprises.

Service system

Perfect service system

Butler-style order production follow-up

7 * 24-hour quick response, making you worry free, providing professional, thoughtful, and efficient after-sales support services, and quickly responding to customer requests and suggestions.


Good quality comes from high standards


Serve various industries and receive unanimous praise

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Implement the system, strictly manage, improve and improve

Specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of bearing products. After years of development and growth, we have trained a group of senior professionals and formed a strong market, research and development, and manufacturing team.

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Luoyang Angte Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Angte Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Luoyang, China's bearing manufacturing base. It is a professional enterprise that focuses on the development of precision bearings and specializes in researching and manufacturing various types of high-precision bearings, as well as bearings in high reliability special fields....










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