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Automation equipment

Industrial automation is the trend of widely using automatic control and adjustment devices in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production., Under the conditions of industrial production automation, humans only indirectly take care of and supervise machines for production.


Industrial automation can be divided into semi automation according to its development stage. Part of the production process adopts automatic control and automatic devices, while the other part is produced by manually operated machines. Full automation refers to all processes in the production process, including loading, unloading, loading, etc., which do not require direct production operations by humans (humans only indirectly supervise and supervise the operation of the machine). Instead, the machine continuously and repeatedly produces one or a batch of products.

Automation equipment bearings are generally used for joints and rotating components of automation equipment, therefore their accuracy requirements are very high. Precision cross roller bearings have a rigidity increase of 3-4 times compared to ordinary angular contact ball bearings. Automation equipment bearings do not need to be matched with thin-walled angular contact ball bearings. A set of cross roller bearings can withstand forces in all directions, so precision instrument rotating parts usually use automation equipment bearings.

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