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Medical equipment

The medical device market, which does not rely on pharmacology, immunology, or other methods to achieve efficacy solely through physical means, is constantly expanding globally. Due to its precise positioning, the demand for equipment with high rotational speed, high precision, low noise, low vibration, and maintenance free products is becoming increasingly strong. The healthcare industry has two key requirements. Firstly, hygiene level: The environment and equipment must always be kept clean, and frequent cleaning and cleaning agents can lead to premature wear of mechanical components, affecting their service life and operation. Secondly, the performance level of the machine must be accurate and stable to ensure reliable results, the machine must be sturdy to withstand heavy loads, and compact to allow multiple components to be installed in enclosed spaces.


With the development of high-speed and high-precision diagnostic instruments, high requirements for high-speed, high-precision, high rigidity, low vibration, low noise, and maintenance free bearings and linear products have been put forward. Faced with such challenges, new equipment needs to be able to diagnose and treat diseases faster, safer, and more reliably, while improving the comfort of patients and operators. In image diagnosis systems, for manned mobile devices, it is not only necessary to ensure safety, but also to require low vibration and low noise. Compared to previous products, our new product has achieved low vibration and noise, and has contributed to the miniaturization and lightweight of the device through the improvement of load capacity.

Provide professionally designed bearing products based on the needs of medical equipment. We can carry out professional design and production of bearings and other products used in medical devices. We provide special new material coating technology and lubrication solutions to innovate medical device equipment technology and provide timely support for the medical industry.

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