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Motor field

Electric motors include various types of motors such as industrial motors, servo motors, stepper motors, variable frequency motors, explosion-proof motors, special motors, etc. They mainly have the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, low energy consumption, high efficiency, etc. We have very mature technology in energy conservation and low noise, and can provide solutions for users.


Electric motors are used as power sources in all industries, and they are the most problematic areas in reliability accident reports of rotating equipment. Since 40% to 70% of motor failures are related to bearings, it is not surprising that the key to maintaining motor quality lies in bearings. Energy efficiency is another key factor in electrical applications, which largely depends on the selection of bearings. However, selecting suitable bearings alone is not enough, and how to install them is not enough, Lubrication, treatment, alignment, and maintenance of the motor are also crucial for its performance and lifespan.

Our bearings, seals, and lubrication solutions for specific motor applications help improve motor performance, maintain equipment profitability, and save long-term costs, reduce energy consumption, prevent shaft corrosion from stray currents, improve speed and rotation control, help you improve motor performance, reduce maintenance requirements, and extend service life, regardless of your goal of reducing friction, vibration, and noise levels, Improving operational accuracy, improving load and speed levels, using extremely clean steel and unique heat treatment processes, our motor solutions, products, and services can help you achieve this.

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